Vet Tech Blogs You Should Check Out

In the past I have done Google searches a few times for “vet tech blog.” Today, I decided to take a deeper look and see who is blogging about vet tech work and life.

I ignored the search results that come from vet clinic and hospital websites because they write content more for clients than for other vet techs. I also ignored posts on websites and blogs shiny smiling techs holding puppies and kittens to promote becoming a vet tech, going to school for vet tech training, and that kind of thing.

I was looking for blogs that don’t have to paint a pretty picture of the working conditions and experiences. Especially, I didn’t want to share blog sites that are recruiting–they tend to put a positive spin on everything vet tech. I want my blog’s readers to see the positive AND the negative.

After scrolling through 10 pages of Google results, I only found three blogs that were in line with what I think people considering becoming vet techs should read. (I’m sure there must be more out there, but 10 pages of results!)

Smart Flow Blog by Samantha Toy, RVT is a really well written blog about vet tech work with a lot of info packed into each post. My favorite post is “My Message To All New Vet Techs (Or Those Thinking of Becoming One).” 

Kick Ass Vet Tech is no longer an active blog, but the old posts are worth reading if you want stories about vet tech work and life. Rainy Day, Thoughts on Euthanasia offers a very raw but eloquent insight into what it’s like for a vet tech when dealing with euthanasias.

Chrissy’s Blog has heart-felt stories about living and working as a vet tech. Unfortunately/fortunately . . . fortunately/unfortunately, she is no longer a vet tech. She writes about her decision to change careers in this post, New Beginnings. Another post, The Baby Vet, is a good example of something vet techs run into at work: a veterinary doctor that treats them poorly.

I’m not surprised that there are only a few vet tech bloggers. Techs work long hours and don’t have much personal time for writing a blog. Then there’s the whole writing is re-living the experience, and that can mean re-stressing or even re-traumatizing yourself–not many people, let alone vet techs, want to come home from a stressful shift and then write about what they just went through. And when a shift is full of positive experiences the odds are a vet tech is still going to be tired and need to spend their precious free time on things like housework, rest, self-care, and trying to have a life outside of their clinic/hospital.

Vlogs, however, seem to have better search results for “vet tech vlog” on YouTube.

Julie Gomez’s YouTube channel has good content. I watched, and liked, her vlog Difficult Vet Tech Q&A. Some of the questions Julie answers are “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?” and “How do vet tech’s feel about their financial earning’s potential?” She tells really good, REAL, and honest answers to the questions in her video. Definitely going to check out more of her vlogs. OH! “What is the procedure that bothers you the most at work?” LOVE THE STORY!!! So FUNNY! 🙂

Reading blog posts is a lot faster than watching vlogs, so I’ll have to spend some time putting together a future post with my favorite YouTube vet tech vlogs.

If you like what you’re reading on this blog, please check out my book, So You Wanna Be a Vet Tech.

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