10 Gift Ideas and Things to do for Your Vet Tech on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, so I thought I’d write a blog post with 10 gift ideas and things to do for those dating or in a relationship with a vet tech.

If you are a vet tech and reading this, I’d like to suggest you post the link on your social media–that way, whoever your dating or in a relationship with will see it.

Flowers – A single rose during Valentine’s shopping week runs “from $5 to $8 per rose” (Source).

Consider getting your vet tech other types of romantic flowers. If you can, try to discover what kind of flower they like besides roses. Making the effort to learn their personal preferences will make the flower gift even more special.

Chocolate – Find out what type of chocolate your vet tech likes and then make/bake it at home. You’ll save money, and the personal effort will boost the romantic value.

Option 1: You can find, for example, Duncan Hines chocolate cake mix for as little as $0.99 at Target. Depending on your budget, you can splurge on more expensive mixes like Duncan Hines Signature Swiss Chocolate Cake Mix for $11.99 at Walmart. Baking a chocolate cake and then writing a personalized message in icing on top is very romantic.

Option 2: Chocolate fudge mixes are also easy to find and range from about $4.99 up to $20 or more.

A Hand-Written Love Letter – Buy some high quality paper and a nice black ink pen. Write a practice copy of a love letter in pencil first, and edit it. Then write your letter on the nice paper with the ink pen. Amazon.com has personal letter paper from $8 up to $20 depending on the style and quantity. A good looking ink pen will cost anywhere from $3 up to as much as you can afford and want to spend. If your vet tech likes poetry try to find out if they have a favorite style or period of poetry and poet; include a quote from a romantic poem in your love letter. Or, if you know a favorite romantic movie or TV show of theirs, Google the show or movie name and find a quote to use in your letter.

Hand-cut Small Love Notes – Since it’s likely you’ll have some leftover sheets of paper from the package you buy for a love letter, consider cutting hand-sized or smaller pieces of paper to write little love notes for your significant other. Hide them in different places where your vet tech will find them during Valentine’s Day: inside a purse or wallet, backpack, jacket or sweater pocket, inside a shoe or slipper, under their pillow, under the monitor of their laptop, under their toothpaste, on the dashboard of their car, etc. Try to do at least six minimum . . . a dozen love notes is better–it’s worth the time and energy. 🙂

Lighting – There are many different ways you can make the light in a room romantic.

  1. Tea Lights – These can often be found in sets with a large number of small candles for a low price. Bed, Bath & Beyond has 100 tea lights for $5.99, for example.
  2. Different Color Light Bulbs – Find out what your vet tech’s favorite romantic color is and change the light bulb colors in whatever room you plan your Valentine’s Day activities.
  3. Glow Sticks – These can be a fun, different, and not too expensive way to change the light in a room. Amazon.com has bundles ranging from $9.99 and up depending on size and quantity.

Romantic Card – Hallmark is always a reliable place to shop for a Valentine’s Day card. If you’re looking for something more unique and less conventional, try looking at etsy.com for their handmade cards that range from $5.00 and up. There are also free eCard sites, like this one, that you can use if your budget is low.

Lightly Used Retro Computer Console Game System – If your vet tech is into playing computer games, consider checking out a used electronics/computer store or thrift store near you. Ask about their return policy and make sure you test that the computer console, controllers, and games you get work BEFORE Valentine’s Day.

Cook Their Favorite Meal – Go to the grocery store and get the ingredients to cook your vet tech’s favorite meal. Get the best quality ingredients your budget can afford. Search YouTube for meal ideas and how to prepare and cook the ingredients. For example, this video has 4 romantic dinner ideas that if you went to a restaurant you would likely pay triple or more the amount of money you spend on cooking the meal at home.

Also, try to follow Dan Savage’s Valentine’s Day advice. Give your vet tech some of the smaller gifts or whatever non-food things you might be preparing for them that, ahem, will help to create ‘the mood.’ 🙂

Make a mp3 romantic music/songs playlist or burn a CD – Burning a CD may seem old school, and if your vet tech doesn’t have a CD player in their laptop or home it may seem like a bad idea . . . BUT, a CD is a physical object that they can keep as a memory of the special day. You can also decorate the CD with permanent markers, or write romantic thoughts and comments on it as well as the CD case paper insert. Alternatively, you can put your playlist on a small USB stick and put that in your romantic card or with the hand-written letter in an envelope. Just try to make sure you tie on a gift mini-card that says To: _____ From: _____ so that they know, can find, and remember what is on the USB stick in the future.

Give Romantic Love Vouchers – You can order pre-made blank love vouchers or make your own at home on your computer or by hand. Fill in romantic promises to do different things for your vet tech. These do not have to be only romantic, or sexual, in nature. Consider some of the following things: do their laundry for a month, wash dishes for a month, give them massages on demand, etc.

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