What should you give a vet tech for Christmas?

With only a few days left before Christmas I realized that a really good blog post subject would be what you should get a vet tech for Christmas!

Gift Cards – Vet techs don’t make a lot of money, so while a gift card aka cash might seem like an impersonal gift, it will be greatly appreciated. Be practical about what kind of store you purchase the gift card from: Walmart and Target have nearly everything a vet tech might need or want to buy, and at affordable prices. The gift card will go much further at one of these stores than at a fancier, higher end retail store.

Gift Certificate for a Massage – Vet techs work long hours and lift/carry animals which can lead to sore muscles and body aches. A gift certificate for one or more massage sessions with a registered massage therapist will help your vet tech alleviate pain and stress.

Gift Card for Good Quality Shoes – This is one type of gift that is worth spending as much money on as your budget dictates. NOTE: Ask your vet tech about their clinic/hospital rules for footwear, and what their size and style of shoe preferences are. NOTE 2: If you can spare the time and energy, go with your vet tech and take them shopping at a higher end shoe store. 99.9% of the time, when shopping for shoes, it is always better to try the shoes on, walk around in them for several minutes in the store to get a feel for them, and also get suggestions and input from a knowledgeable sales associate.

Gift Card for Shoe Inserts – A lot of people don’t realize that the inserts in shoes they buy are generally poor quality. If your budget is small, consider getting a gift card for a good pair of support and cushion inserts. Again, you need to make sure you know your vet tech’s shoe size, and what type of shoes they wear at work, so that you can choose the right type of shoe store and make sure it carries a good quality shoe insert that will work with their style of shoe. Walmart carries good shoe inserts, so if you get a gift card for that type of store make sure you clearly suggest to the vet tech that you think they should look at the inserts there when shopping.

Stress Management Gift Box – If you know your vet tech well, this is a great multi-gift to help them manage stress. It also can work with low budgets up to spending as much as you want and can afford. Consider filling the stress management gift box with the following: anti-stress foods, scented candles, aromatherapy oils and a diffuser (make sure to avoid oils that are harmful to pets), bath bombs, a multi-vitamin, a vitamin B-complex, chocolate, herbal teas (herbs that reduce stress), color marker or pencil set with an adult coloring book, and more.

Bed Sheets and Pillows – A lot of people can’t afford to get new bed sheets and pillows when their old ones are worn out. New sheets and pillows will help your vet tech sleep better, and this will help reduce stress and raise their quality of life and work experience.

Books/Novels – If your vet tech likes to read, consider getting them books. Google search for the nearest used books store if you have a low budget. NOTE: Make sure you know the genre/s that your vet tech likes, and if possible try to sneak a look at what books they already have at home to see what authors they like to read.

Alcohol – If your vet tech drinks alcohol, the odds are that this gift will be happily received. It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: make sure you either already know their favorite type and brand of alcohol, or ask your vet tech or someone close to them that knows. NOTE: If you suspect at all that your vet tech has any kind of dependency or addiction issues with alcohol, you should not get this for them.

A Good Quality Thermos/Tumbler with Lid – Look for a thermos or tumbler that is 18/8 gauge stainless steel, with insulated walls, and 12 hour+ guarantees for keeping a liquid hot or cold. A lid that seals and locks is important because of safety and hygiene.

Gift Card for Scrubs – Some clinics and hospitals do not pay for and provide their vet techs with scrubs. Good quality scrubs can be expensive, and vet techs don’t make a lot of money. If possible, try to find out what brand of scrubs, colors, size, and patterns your vet tech likes. Also, it’s important to know if their clinic or hospital has dress code rules for what color of scrubs techs must wear, and if patterns and prints are allowed too.

Coffee or Caffeinated Tea – Any hot delicious liquid form of energy will be appreciated by your vet tech. That being said, ask your vet tech or someone close to them what their preferred brand and type of caffeinated beverage is.

Compression Socks – Vet techs spend a LOT of time on their feet. Compression socks help “improve your blood flow. They can lessen pain and swelling in your legs” (source).

Coffee Maker (and grinder) – If your vet tech is a coffee lover, consider getting them a good quality coffee maker. Depending on your budget, also try adding a grinder as it elevates the coffee flavors and freshness. The Ninja brand coffee makers are fantastic, and I personally own one and recommend it as a brand. Cusinart and Kitchen Aid are also brands that have really good coffee makers. All that being said, there are good quality low price coffee makers too, so don’t worry if those three brands are out of your price range. A new, good quality, with good user reviews coffee maker will be appreciated no matter what its price point is.

1 Year Membership at a . . . gym, swimming center, Yoga center, Tai Chi, Pilates, Zumba . . . exercise is good for a huge number of reasons.

Corelle Dinnerware – If your vet tech has just recently moved out of their parents’ home and into a place of their own, the odds are that they won’t have quality dinnerware. Consider getting them a Corelle dinnerware set in basic white.

Gift Card for Car Maintenance or Repairs – A lot of vet techs will have used cars that likely need some kind of repair. If your vet tech has a long commute to and from work, helping them out by paying for replacement parts or repairs is a great gift.

Gift Card for Gas – If your vet tech has a long commute to and from work, their monthly gas expenses will be a drain on the budget. This is a gift that any vet tech will be happy receiving.

Audiobook Subscription – Vet techs may not have much time to read a book, but while traveling to and from work, running errands, exercising, etc., they may want to listen to an audio book.

Healthy Meal Delivery Service – There are several meal prep services that deliver healthy ready to eat meals that would help a vet tech save time and energy prepping and cooking food, help them to eat healthy and avoid fast food delivery/take out, and save them money on their monthly grocery budget. If your vet tech likes to cook, and isn’t working crazy long hours, there are food delivery services that prep all of the ingredients and provide cooking instructions which are delivered to the vet tech’s home. Even just one month of pre-paid meal delivery service would help a vet tech’s quality of life improve–and expose them, if they are unaware, about how much eating healthy can benefit their work and personal life.

All-in-One Multi-Cooking Appliance = Instapot is a small kitchen appliance that can be used to cook in several different ways for almost any food.

Cold-Flu-Sickness Recovery Gift Box – Fill a gift basket with all of the different over-the-counter medicines and supplies you might need when you’re sick: pain and fever med, muscle aches med, anti-diarrhea med, anti-nausea med, sinus cough and cold med, heachache med, herbal teas for different kinds of illnesses, cough drops, echinacea and zinc lozenges, vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, Bullion soup cubes, microwave soups, etc.

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